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Srđan Miladinović is one of those people who have rare skill of predicting the future events. His visions he became aware as very young, so that he would later on dedicate himself completely to this unusuall and rare gift. Through his visions, based on date of birth and the color of voice, Srđan manages to reveal problems that are troubling you, your love, family or job.  

Exactly because of that, Srđan is known as the biggest seer in the region. With his advices and suggestions he brings back hope in etter tomorrow, puts people on the right track to success, in the world of love and harmony. Beside predictions of futre, Srđan is able to eliminate all kinds of magic, spells and curses.

Directness, cordiality and naturality are recognizable by first contact with him, and all that confirms big ammount of people who had a chance to speak with Srđan about their problems, through 30 years of his succesfull work.


Srđan Miladinović is known to our public by hosting various radio and tv shows broadcasted in the country and abroad. His answers – direct and clear, regularly leave listeners and viewers breathless, guiding them that it’s about a man who is No.1 in his business, as he likes to say.